We’re always humbled and thankful for the amazing people that come through our doors and support our community. This year for #Wangsgiving, you raised $1,206. Combined with the $300 match from the Wang’s staff, it totals $1,506 for our keiki and teachers at Jefferson Elementary! We’re also working with a local non-profit to try to get the #GivingTuesday match from Facebook & PayPal to total the proceeds raised for Jefferson Elementary to $3,012.

Big thanks to everyone that came through to have dinner with us and also to the folks that already had Thanksgiving dinner but still dropped in to donate to #Wangsgiving. You guys never fail to come together to support a great cause. Beyond giving and receiving, aloha rests upon a foundation of sharing — sharing kindness, harmony, happiness and humility. Aloha was the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and was used to extend warmth in caring with no obligation in return. This holiday season, in addition to your thoughtful giving, you take part in the timeless tradition of sharing through aloha.

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