Wang Chung’s is featured in 大人のハワイ (Luxury Hawaii) magazine! It’s a Japanese only magazine published only in Japan covering all the cool must do things in Hawaii. We had our second reader/customer this past weekend!

Wang Chung's featured in Japanese Mag: Otano no Hawaii

*Rough* translation: KARAOKE is now a universal language, universal entertainment … even if do not speak English, communicating with a song in karaoke, heating up, things like friends with local people is a common sight. Meanwhile, enjoy the communication with locals, a heartwarming, but here is small karaoke bar. There in a back alley just behind the Hyatt Waikiki, a little fat you are ready to fill it also put 10 people. But the owner, if it sticks to the narrow, in that close physical distance between the audience, “neighbor” If you wait for people to take the senses, and. And if you become happy by singing and drinking, can become friends right away. Humanity, all, right next door poultry (laughs). Good to be true that we shop if they connected. Here, incidentally, the pace of bringing food OK. ‘from dry, even in fried steak in pizza is OK. Nature and each” of them, divided between the Department of neighbors or beer spread even more from that conversation, I become very good friends and all harmonious bar.